Arriving for your first appointment

Please wear light-colored workout clothes to your appointment. Carrie will want to see your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  Ideally, photos are taken in either a sports bra, tank top or bathing suit for women, and for men either shirtless or in a tank top.  Please bring sneakers and additional layers if you tend to get cool easily. 

Please bring the following completed forms to your first appointment:
Client Contract
Wellness Intake Form

During your first appointment

Your first appointment will include:

  • Discussion about your pain, symptoms, limitations, sleep habits, lifestyle, and goals
  • Education about your brain on pain and your nervous system
  • Postural photos 
  • Postural analysis and education about structural compensations
  • Functional testing
  • Gait analysis
  • Easy mindfulness training techniques
  • Gentle corrective exercises to get you started
  • Take home handouts for both the corrective exercises and the mindfulness training 

After your appointment

By your second session, Carrie will have created a more thorough menu of therapeutic exercises and techniques.  These will be taught to you in your second session and you will be given more videos, handouts, and education so that you can complete the menu at home.  Subsequent sessions will be a fine tuning process until we reach our goal of getting you 100% pain free. Many clients decide to progress on from the initial 8 sessions to sessions that are focused on safely integrating dynamic movement that may utilize various Pilates Apparatus (such as the Pilates Reformer), yoga postures, barre exercises, or traditional weight training.

Trust in your body's amazing ability to heal itself.   Let's get you back to the active life you love.