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AnatomyLab: Full Course* | Brookline | Boston, Ma
8:00 AM08:00

AnatomyLab: Full Course* | Brookline | Boston, Ma

This super engaging curriculum uses all levels of learning (i.e kinesthetic, auditory, reading/writing, visual) to etch anatomy information permanently into your cranium. Lectures are balanced with postural therapy techniques, dynamic movement exercises, hands-on work, and palpation. You will stand up and sit down so much that one student referred to this course as"anatomy church." As you travel up and down rabbit holes of inquiry, your burning questions about your own aches and pains will be answered. Discussions include the power and psychology of body language, and you will practice walking confidently until it feels like your head is so high up that you're levitating. You will talk about things that make you blush (a-yo pelvic floor!) and laugh so hard you cry. 

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