at Flote | Hampton, NH  
$99 for 60mins (targeted area) | $120 for 90minutes (full body)
Add-on Spinal Balancing w/Sound Therapy for additional $20 (additional 20mins of treatment)
New Client Special: 50% off first appointment | Sliding Scale Available
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Nuad Boran (Thai Yoga Therapy) is a 2000-year old healing art that combines passive assisted stretching, yoga therapy and Ayurvedic techniques to open the energy lines of the body and increase joint mobility.

This whole body therapeutic treatment is performed clothed on a comfortable floor mat with bolsters and pillows. The practitioner utilizes their body leverage to gently move the client into various yoga positions through efficient movement, breath, conscious touch, and rhythm. 

Carrie combines traditional Thai work with Ayurveda, utilizing nadis/ sen (meridian lines) to bring more fluidity (rasa) into the joints and muscles of the body. The treatment is graceful, nurturing and aligned with the needs of the client. 

The results of Thai Yoga Therapy is increased flexibility and circulation, strengthened immune system, relief of muscular tension, relaxation, and an overall feeling of rejuvenation and well-being. You do not need to be flexible or a yoga practitioner to receive this treatment.  It is excellent for chronic pain and stiffness, as well as mild rheumatoid arthritis. 

*Please note* In order to receive this treatment you must be able to get down to the floor (and back up again).