What are the pre-requisites before taking a Yoga Teacher Training program?
Ideally you would have one year of yoga, barre, group exercise, Pilates or dance experience, but we absolutely love training new teachers who are fitness enthusiasts with the motivation to succeed. You should absolutely become CPR certified and get liability insurance before you begin teaching the public as well.

Do you accept everyone who applies to the training? What is the application process.
We limit our class sizes as we believe in giving the highest caliber of training possible. We read and consider carefully every application that comes in. Enthusiasm for learning counts a lot in our book. Please feel free to schedule a phone or Skype/Zoom chat to answer any questions you have about our programs or the application process.
What are the days like?
They are long. You are going to be well worn and tired and your brain might explode from all the information – we mean that in a good way. That said, you will find yourself rejuvenated by the depth of the material.  We are happy to put you in touch with previous grads to tell you their experience of what being in one of our teacher training is like.

Once I’m certified where can I teach?
Once you have been through the certification course you can teach anywhere you please.

I simply want to deepen my practice and not necessarily teach, can I take the program? 
Absolutely, space allowing. You just won’t take our exam at the end or receive a certificate (unless you change your mind). You still need to fill out an application to express your desire to learn.

Must I take the whole course to certify?
Yes. We understand that life happens, but we are a Yoga Alliance certified school and there are criteria we must follow. Therefore, whatever time you miss you must make arrangements with the faculty to make up. Missing more than 16 hours is considered unacceptable and you may need to retake the course.  You must also complete 10hrs of community service before receiving your certificate. We believe in a philosophy of PAYING IT FORWARD in the world and want all of our graduates to exemplify that. 
What qualifies as community service?
Anything that you aren’t paid for that is a service to the world. This could be teaching a free class to a friend, working in a soup kitchen. You name it. 10hrs are required for graduation. PAY IT FORWARD.
Is the anatomy module required? 
The full anatomy course is included as part of our yoga teacher training. Yeah!

If I become certified in Rasamaya can I teach other forms of yoga or barre?
Absolutely. You will come out of  your course able to teach Rasamaya classes as well as classes of your own design for varying levels of ability from beginner to advanced.  You are welcome (and encouraged) to take more trainings to expand your knowledge. Any hybrid styles you may create cannot be named "Rasamaya" as this dilutes our method, which is anatomically sound and known for it's effectiveness.  If you choose to create hybrid classes you may say that you are, “certified in 'x' by Rasamaya,“ but it in no way should your class title, description, or advertising reflect Rasamaya branding. Our methodology is trademarked, please be respectful. Of course, we would love for you to spread the good word and teach Rasamaya style classes and are happy to assist you with branding and descriptions for these.

Are there payment plans?
Yes. You can make autobilled monthly payments for as little as $100 + $10 fee. For any retreat formats that include lodging, the lodging costs must be paid in full by the time you arrive, but the rest may be broken down into payment plans.

Is there a scholarship program?
Yes. Once we have hit our minimum number of students we need to run a training or retreat we open up scholarship positions (space allowing) on a one to one basis (i.e. one registrant = one scholarship position).  You can apply for a scholarship by answering this question"How will attending this program help me pay it forward  in the world?" Scholarship recipients will be expected to help us with marketing via social media and assist us during the event with errands, handouts, etc. Email us your answer in less than 600 words at training@rasamaya.com. We can't wait to help you give voice to your vision.
What is the cancellation/refund policy?
Sorry, there are no refunds if you cancel less then one month before the start date of a training or retreat.  All deposits paid are non-refundable regardless of cancellation date.  Once a training has started no refunds are issued regardless of circumstance.  Because our trainings and retreats have limited space we are unable to make exceptions to this rule.  

What if Rasamaya has to cancel a training or retreat?
This rarely happens, but in the case of a cancellation you would receive all monies paid back in full. For anyone attending a retreat style training we recommend you get travel insurance (see below)

What is travel insurance? Do I need it? How do I purchase it?
If you are coming with us on a retreat style training we highly recommend you either make sure your plane tickets are refundable OR purchase travel insurance with a "cancel for any reason" addendum. The additional coverage allows you to receive a percentage back of prepaid costs if something comes up unexpectedly (such as a job change, pregnancy, illness, etc) OR if we have to cancel a trip due to weather, injury, or other unforseen circumstances.

Recommended: Travel Guard -http://www.travelguard.com/

Do I need CEU’s to stay Rasamaya certified?
At this time no, but we have CEU courses  planned for the future.  We are already YACEP (see question below).

Do I need CEU's to stay Yoga Alliance certified?
Yes.  If you choose to register with the Yoga Alliance, then every three years starting from the initial date of registration, all RYTs must submit a minimum of: 45 hours of yoga teaching and 30 hours of yoga training. At least 10 training hours must be contact hours, with no more than 20 being non-contact hours. The training hours can be from any approved E-RYT.  Rasamaya is a Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). Most of our courses can be counted for CEU credits (see question below)

What materials are needed?
You will be sent manual materials in advance to the training. Please print these out, or bring them on your ipad/computer before arriving. Please note: There is often no wi-fi at the training facilities. We will send you a packing list, but please bring a pen, water, snacks, yoga mat, props, etc.

I have more questions
Contact a program advisor at training@rasamaya.com