Newburyport, MA | Portsmouth, NH
Initial Consultation (required):  $99
Stretching Session: $120 for 60mins | $60 for 30mins


Carrie is also available to work with individual athletes or teams on their flexibility, posture and core strengthening programs. Please inquire for rates.

Research shows that regular stretching programs enhance athletic performance, endurance, recovery, and range of motion.  The American College of Sports Medicine, recommends stretching a minimum of two times a week for increased flexibility, postural training and  injury prevention.  Current theories believe that stretching has similar effects on the muscle cells as actual strength training does but on a much smaller scale.  For you this means that what you do on the mat or table with a stretching expert helps you to become more supple by increasing blood flow and oxygen, thus relieving tension throughout the body and relaxing your nervous system.  The end result is that you move more fluidly and quickly on your feet. 

Our stretching session will utilize multiple research-backed modalities of stretching. Most sessions begin with a dynamic warm-up that moves into therapist-assisted stretching techniques on the treatment table or floor.  Our work is centered around increasing range of motion using modified PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) active stretch techniques without pain.  This form of stretching works deeply and safely into the fascia, or connective tissue of the body to create long lasting, permanent change.

Move Better. Improve your game.  Live Inspired. 


All clients are required to have an initial consultation. This session is dedicated to analyzing your posture and gait, functional testing, goal setting, lifestyle habits,  mindfulness techniques and "your brain on pain" education. You will leave this meeting with a better understanding of your structural compensations. You will also receive a handout on some easy stretches you can do at home. 

Read more about what to expect from your initial consultation here.


In addition to being a nurse, Carrie is is the creator of the Rasamaya Live Pain Free Program which draws from her 20 years experience as a movement educator,  anatomy teacher, structural therapist, and Pilates, yoga and barre teacher trainer.  She is also certified in Thai Bodywork (a form of passive-assisted stretching). Either program can be an excellent addition to your stretching sessions.