Set of 3 Rasamaya Cuffs

Set of 3 Rasamaya Cuffs


Live with Intention.

Wear one of these bracelets as a powerful reminder of your rasa sadhana (daily intention). Wear all nine as a beautiful testament to your badass spiritual path.  See below for information on the story behind the cuffs and how to use them in your daily practice.

The 9 rasas are: 
Wonder: Adbhuta Rasa
Fear: Bhayanaka Rasa
Joy: Hasya Rasa
Disgust: Vibhatsa Rasa
Anger: Raudra Rasa
Courage: Veerya Rasa
Love: Sringara Rasa
Sadness/Compassion: Karuna Rasa
Peace: Shanta Rasa

About the Cuffs: 
These gorgeous artisan hammered cuffs are 4mm wide and available in high quality brass, copper, and German silver.  They are made to fit the average wrist of 6.5 inches, but other sizes are available by request. They are not coated in lacquer or any other chemicals. They may patina over time, but will not lose their color, and can easily be polished to a high shine with a polishing cloth.

Order Details: 
No returns please.  Please select priority shipping for $6.80 at checkout.  Special Note: as each cuff is made by hand it may take several weeks for your order to be fulfilled based on current inventory. 


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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi

Rasamaya Founder, Carrie Tyler designed these cuffs out of her own desire to find a beautiful way to keep her own rasa sadhana (daily intention practice) visible and close to the heart. She keeps her cuffs in a well loved Tibetan singing bowl and picks one to serve as her daily intention. She also wears all nine to "power up" for her daily interactions with the world.