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St Croix | Elemental Flow Conference


St  Croix | June 22 - 25, 2017

Join Rasamaya's amazing faculty for a life-changing, playful immersion on the magic island of St. Croix. It's a new moon, the perfect time for transformation and some serious soul-digging awesomeness. 

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Of course you are, you rockstar.
Rise up and meet your heart's desire. Screw the "would-of," "should-of" excuses.
You deserve this.  See you on the beach - we'll be the wild tribe with our hair whipping around in the salt air. 
Let's do this.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (It's never final till it's final)

615am - 7am: Elemental Flow Meditation
715am - 815am: Elemental Flow Yoga
10am - 11am The Art of Play: Poi, Hooping & Flow
1115am - 1215pm Anatomy + Deep Stretch: Lower Body
AFTERNOON/EVENING ACTIVITY: Earth Mandala Making at The Palms

615am - 7am: Elemental Flow Meditation
715am - 815am: Elemental Flow Yoga
10am - 11am Fire & Rewire: Using Restorative Poses to Create Affective Balance
11:15am - 12:15pm  Yoga Nidra

615am - 7am: Elemental Flow Meditation
715am - 815am: Elemental Flow Yoga
10am - 11am The Art of Play: Poi, Hooping & Flow | Kiki
1115am - 1215pm Anatomy + Deep Stretch: Upper Body
EVENING ACTIVITY: Fire show (donations appreciated)

615am - 7am: Elemental Flow Meditation
715am - 815am: Elemental Flow Yoga
10am - 11am Fire & Rewire: Using Restorative Poses to Create Effective Balance
1115am - 1215pm Thai Bodywork


$180 Early Bird Rate before 3.1
$210 after 3.1
Includes: All Sessions Fire Dance & Performance
Please see our FAQ page for information on our Cancellation Policy and scholarship information.
Drop In $15 per session (please RSVP a spot by email



Retreat participants will have the opportunity to participate in donation based classes throughout the weekend offered by Rasamaya Yoga Teacher Trainees that benefit the Women's Coalition of St Croix. Before the retreat, we will also send out a list of supplies that the organization is in need of. We will collect these and bring them to WCSC at the end of our retreat.


Need help with lodging? Click Here. 


What else do you want to do? Ride a horse down the beach? We can make that happen. This retreat is all about manifesting, so if you can dream it, it will happen. There are so many options on magical St. Croix - scuba, flight lessons, paddle board, sailing, kiteboarding, snorkeling. You name it. Click here for a full list of Elemental Offerings.


Journey into the Elements

Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It’s not about focusing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead about becoming thoughtless. Meditation brings the brain into a state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, strong and beautiful. It cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you, whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable, or emotionally shut down. Get in touch with your deep inner power, strength, capability, and passion. Using the Earth Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, you can expect to be reenergized and ready to change the world. 

Discover the poetry of your body in this 60min Rasamaya Method Yoga Class. These anatomically focused vinyasa flows have been described as, “edgy, enlightening, badass, and just damn fun.” Get your sweat on while you meet your edges as we build to a peak posture. You will discover variations of yoga poses you didn’t even know existed as you dig deep into the possibilities of your body. As true to all Rasamaya Method classes, one of the nine core emotions (rasas) will be woven through the experience in the form inspiring readings, pranayama (breathwork), and meditation. When you align your body, you align your heart. Let’s do this.


Using Restorative Yoga Practices to Create Affective Balance
Instructor: Maura Sullivan, The Psychologist

Emerging research made accessible by technology such as FMRI has identified emotional circuits in the brain. These circuits correlate with the ancient yogic descriptions of the nine rasas (core emotions). These two sessions will provide an introduction to basic psychology/neurobiology of emotion and present practical yogic strategies including pranayama, mudra, and restorative asana to bring commonly imbalanced emotions into harmony so that the full range of emotions can be experienced optimizing functioning. 

Flow I: Predator or prey? Bring your feisty animal nature to the mat to confront those deep-seated fears and become the courageous warrior goddess you were intended to be.
Flow II: Unleash your inner badass Kali (the Dark Mother Goddess) and find that the destructive forces of anger yield to passionate joy and pleasure when balanced and celebrated. 

Poi, Hooping & Flow Arts
Instructor: Kiki Mason - The Artist

Remember when you were fearless and believed you could change the world? Come with me on a journey back to yourself... And rediscover your inner child. This hour-long practice will tap into your childlike nature by infusing the art of playfulness and sense of wonder as you unfold and let go. Flow props will be incorporated to gently guide you through the layers and create a safe space to honor the childlike qualities we all possess but may have forgotten along the way.  This experience will leave you feeling lighter, and more connected, assisting you in rediscovering your innate self. Come, let's play! 

Instructor:  Carrie Tyler - The Anatomist
Also called Nuat Boran this partner based workshop is sometimes called, "lazy man's yoga." Thai is full-body,  wonderfully delicious experience that combines passive movement of your joints with gentle compressive work along the Thai Meridian lines (aka Sen lines).  Thai bodywork increases flexibility, the flow of energy, and promotes overall well-being. This form of bodywork is done fully clothed all you need is your yoga mat and a partner. If you are traveling solo, no worries, we will partner you up with one of us or another conferee. 

Two Sessions: Upper Body & Lower Body

Instructor: Carrie Tyler - The Anatomist
The first 20-30 mins of this workshop are dedicated to discussing the dynamic anatomy of either the upper or lower body We will debunk myths about the limitations of your structure, and identify patterns that may be holding you back in your yoga practice and daily life. Directly following this discussion we will move into a therapeutic deep stretch to help your body reach it's maximum performance potential. We will loosen and lengthen while using simple stretching techniques, yin yoga, foam rollers, massage balls, bands, straps and more. You will learn easy to practice techniques that you can do at home. Give yourself the gift of self-care. 



Rasamaya Founder. Nurse. Gypsy Yogini. Feminist. Body Positive Activist.
Carrie is the founder of the Rasamaya Method, an internationally recognized and trademarked system of movement that merges mind-body medicine and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern day life and holistic pain management. She brings her twenty plus years experience as a yoga teacher, structural therapist and wellness expert to St Croix’s second Elemental Yoga Retreat. Her roots began in professional dance before she devoted her life to teaching yoga, Pilates, barre, and dynamic anatomy.  She is known for her playful teaching style, strong knowledge of anatomy and alignment, and her deep understanding of yogic philosophy and subtle energetics.  Carrie considers all forms of movement and complimentary healing therapies to be preventative medicine. She emphatically believes that self-care and regular practice can reconcile many imbalances and dis"eases" of the body.  She is a writer and business consultant for both the fitness and medical industry. Her work has been featured in numerous national magazines such as Pilates Style and Mantra magazines, and conferences including Wanderlust Festival and Yoga Journal Conference.   

When she isn't presenting, seeing clients, or running teacher trainings for the next generation of yoga teachers, she works as a nurse at the Orthopaedic Institute in Portland, Maine and in primary care for East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. She holds advanced certifications from some of the most highly regarded fitness bodies such as Yoga Alliance, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Pilates Method Alliance.   She is also an initiate of the Aghor Yoga Lineage whose non-denominational principles emphasize the celebration of personal freedom, daily meditation practice and selfless service, which she considers the grounding ethics in her life. In her spare time, she walks the beach and watches the world fly past while riding pillion on her husband's motorcycle. Read more about Carrie.


Occupational Therapist. Fire dancer. Flow artist. Yoga Teacher.
Founder of the first fire dancing troupe on St. Croix, Kiki is troupe leader of Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies. With a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, Kiki integrates her extensive knowledge of health and science within her movement practices with a playful and holistic approach.  Kiki is a strong advocate of the art of flow, incorporating flow concepts into all of her classes.  Currently, Kiki instructs classes and workshops in Bellydance Fusion, poi dance, flow arts, and in the Rasamaya Yoga Method. She is also Reiki II certified and empowers people to live their dreams and dream BIG. Kiki believes in the power of connection with nature, community building and establishing the space to express your creative voice.


Clinical Psychologist. Animal Lover. Gemini Gypsy. Yoga Teacher.
Maura Sullivan is a psychologist, yoga teacher, animal lover, and Gemini gypsy working to find balance within these diverging aspects of self and loving every moment-the good the bad and the ugly. She has practiced independently as a licensed psychologist in Wolfeboro, NH for over twelve years with a focus on adolescent development, mind-body psychotherapy, trauma resolution, and mood disorders. In addition to psychotherapy her practice incorporates neuropsychological and educational assessment in order to comprehensively understand the brain-behavior relationship. Her personal yoga journey started twenty-years-ago during her psychology graduate training with a focus on Hatha and Kundalini yoga under the guidance of Diane Wilson in Portland, OR. She continued to find yoga in her travels with an ultimate home at Rasamaya yoga under the guidance of Carrie Tyler and Brie Burbank. Two passions joined two years ago with Rasamaya 200 hr. teacher training and the beginning of BEING: Body-Emotion-Integration-Nurturing-Growth. BEING consists of body-focused psychotherapy and emotionally focused yoga therapy services as well as the integration of yoga tools into traditional psychotherapy such as mudra, breath work, and restorative asana. She is currently providing private BEING sessions and Yoga for Anxiety groups. Learn more about Maura


Philosopher. Shakti Lover. Equine Therapist. Yoga, Meditation & Barre Teacher. 
Katie Behner is truly grateful for the uplifting path of YOGA.  She believes in following the Flow of LIFE. She feels many of us have a yearning for more, more living from the heart center, from your dreams and desires by focusing on SPIRIT and being in SERVICE to others.   Katie is a 200Hr Certified RASAMAYA Yoga teacher. Katie completed her 200hr training on the magical Star Island with Carrie Tyler (owner and founder of Rasamaya) and is currently in the 500hr Shakti Flow and Deep Sadhana advanced teacher training. Katie has a deep meditation practice using the Earth elements and mantra. By the grace of Uma Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati.   Katie has a motivated upbeat personality along with a deep love and connection to nature and energy work. She has spent years working with the energy of horses through natural horsemanship methods. When Katie discovered yoga she found a clarity and peace quite similar to when she came into relationship horses. The moving meditative state that focused on the subtleties of stillness, movement and breath in horsemanship reflected perfectly into yoga, meditation, and ultimately into the flow of life on this earth.  
Yoga is a way of life for Katie and she enjoys watching people grow and shine their light as they practice. It has given her many tools that have taught her to hold herself in capability and manifest her dreams from her passions, one of which was to start her own business. Katie is the founder and owner of Ashva Prana, including Yoga, Barre, Equine Based Therapy (using the EAGALA model) and Yoga on horses, Barre and structural postural work for riders focusing on the biomechanics of riding.   She is a certified Equine Professional through the EAGALA organization and a graduate of the University of Findlay with a degree in Equestrian Studies.

 Katie is also the owner of Dhyana Horsemanship, a meditative approach to working with horses using the Elemental Mandala of emotions .   Katie enjoys showing the essence of the world to her two amazing kids Louisa and Chet. Katie is very excited to meet and witness deep interpersonal growth in anyone who dives deep into her classes.   Katie also smiles all the time, and adores GLITTER!  Learn more about Katie