Get in touch with your heart's longing and immerse yourself in the beauty of Rasamaya in 5 life changing modules. This course was created for anyone who is already a movement teacher or any dedicated students looking to deepen their practice.  Each module is structured to be a full day sensory experience that has the feeling of a retreat instead of a workshop.  Every day starts with deep soulful meditation and practice. You will leave these days exhausted, but deeply satisfied. Join the Rasamaya revolution and become an innovator of change in the world. 

 Be a spiritual badass. Live Inspired.

Instructors: Carrie Tyler
Cost: One Day Registration: $90 + $15 lunch (optional) | Two Day Registration (full module): $144 + $15 lunch (optional)
Dates: Coming  Soon | Barre & Soul | Harvard Square | Boston, Ma
Certification: Completion of each 2 day module results in a certificate. Modules do not need to be completed in order. Completion of any module brings you one level closer to a level 5 certification. You must do 10 hrs of community service before you get the level 5 cert. Paying it forward is part of our mission. When you complete level 5, you will be a manifesting machine and you'll receive a certificate and a special gift from all of us at Rasamaya.  
CEUs: Each day is worth up to 6hrs of Yoga Alliance CEU credits.

EARTH: Stability & Stamina

Day 1: Creating Sacred Space in Your Life | Earth Asana Practice | Earth Meditations |  Earth Mudras | Earth Pranayama | Chakra 1| The Rasa of Fear
Day 2: Earth Asana Sequence  |  Dynamic Anatomy of the Bones & Muscles | Postural Therapy: Creating a Strong Foundation | Thai Yoga for the Feet & Legs | The Rasa of Wonder

WATER: Flexibility & Flow

Day 1: Creating Flow in your Relationships | Water Asana Practice | Water Meditations |  Water Mudras | Water Pranayama | Chakra 2 |  Rasa of Joy
Day 2: Water Asana Sequence  |  Dynamic Anatomy of the Pelvis | Postural Therapy: Balancing out the Pelvis  | Thai Yoga for the Hips | The Rasa of Disgust

FIRE: Purification & Power

Day 1: Strengthening your Power | Fire Asana Practice | Fire Meditations |  Fire Mudras | Fire Pranayama | Chakra 3 | The Rasa of Courage
Day 2: Water Asana Sequence  |  Dynamic Anatomy of the Pelvis | Postural Therapy: Aligning the Spine | Thai Yoga for the Spine | The Rasa of Anger

AIR: Vitality & Vision

Day 1: Manifesting Big | Air Asana Practice | Air Meditations |  Air Mudras | Air  Pranayama | Chakra 4 | The Rasa of Love
Day 2: Air Asana Sequence  |  Dynamic Anatomy of the Shoulders | Postural Therapy: Opening the Heart | Thai Yoga for the Shoulders & Head | The Rasa of Compassion


SPACE: Connection & Clarity

Day 1: Making the Dream Happen | Space Asana Practice | Space Meditations | Space Mudras | Chakras 5, 6, 7
Day 2: The Rasa of Peace | Meditation Retreat