"Carrie Tyler's poised and magnetic energy is infectious. She intuitively guides and encourages you to be the best version of you! Her trainings and classes are rich with the essence of her uplifting personality, with a strong educational foundation." - Katie W.

"Working in retail has definitely taken a hard toll on my body.  After just one afternoon with Carrie learning about anatomy, posture, and alignment and being led through some structural therapy exercises, I woke the next morning with no pain in my feet or hips.  I am so grateful to have this new knowledge of how to find a healthy balance in my life again." - Jenn S.

"A safe and comfortable place to love myself and explore. Thank you!" - Amberlee T.

"Carrie brings her vast experience, knowledge and intelligence to each and every facet of all that she does. Her thirst to learn more and reach further, is inspirational. That she accomplishes all of this with a sincere warmth, kindness and friendship; makes her the best, and most special of teachers." -  Susan M.

"The Rasamaya method is comprehensive & innovative. The method blends the best of tradition with the ever changing reality of cutting edge anatomy." - Brie B.

"I believe that movement is therapy. It triggers endorphins that when released trigger a body mind soul 'feel good.' Movement is a non-verbal form of release and Rasamaya believes in and instructs this with deeper purpose.  It provides intelligent instructors to guide you in that release. Along with great music you are transformed. If we given that gift we are sharing something that can sustain a better sense of self and wellness." - Kristin K.

"Rasamaya is a unique way to open up the body to the subtle energies of life and the chakras. It lets you experience the elements of water, earth, fire and air right in your body while flowing with familiar but carefully sequenced and selected yoga postures." - Damla A. 

"Carrie was my inspiration to become a teacher from the first time I took class with her. She has a knack for sharing information and experience in a clear, focused and interesting way. The best part is that she teaches with a sense of play - having fun, you absorb more information than you thought possible!" - Tristan B.

"Carrie's extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human body is remarkable. Her wealth of knowledge in this area, and all other areas of yoga, pilates and structural therapy make her one of the most outstanding movement teachers in New England and beyond." - Susanna S.

"As a bodywork practitioner for 19 years and an athlete for 35+ years my body continues to move well in a deeper sense with Carrie’s work.  Carrie is a creative innovator in the field of  movement.  I recommend her work unconditionally."  - Paul C.

"I joined Rasamaya after a near death experience and major surgery hoping to reclaim my body. Two years later I am lean, strong, confident and I  have learned to trust my body again.  The classes continue to challenge me and remind me that I am capable of more than I think in any given moment." - Caitlin M.

"Excellent teachers both teach and learn. Carrie is a great example of someone who understands her subject thoroughly. She has taught countless  Rasamaya students and has trained many to become Rasamaya teachers. Carrie maintains a high focus on intelligent exercise that enhances the well-being of each student. Students build their strength and flexibility while learning more about anatomy and alignment. A constant student of the best current health and exercise information, Carrie incorporates this knowledge into Rasamaya's classes, website and Facebook. Anyone interested in  enriching their mind as well as strengthening their body will benefit from Carrie's smart, engaging and lively style." - Elizabeth M. 

"Rasamaya is the perfect way to achieve a stronger mind-body connection. We use intelligent movement to tap the subtle energetic system, which results in a deeper understanding of the emotional element behind our practice and our lives."  - Sarah B.

"Carrie's warmth and positive energy radiate from the moment she enters the room. Her inspirational teaching style is grounded in a deep knowledge of anatomy and alignment, with an intelligent focus on core strength." - Diana W.

"Carrie's knowledge of yoga, anatomy, and the structural mechanics of the body is outstanding. As a teacher, she is caring, she is an excellent communicator, and she makes learning fun. As a business woman, she is always looking to improve things, and to create opportunities for herself and for those working with her. I have personally benefitted from her desire to help co-workers and to trust our abilities." - Mark T.

"Carrie is high energy, positive and professional to work with. She has a profound understanding of the human anatomy and helped me return to health and gain strength back. She is creative and generous, a joy to know." - Rachel A.

"To me, Rasamaya  is a chance to consistently explore the connection between our emotions and our bodies and how they affect each other.  Each time I am on my mat is a chance to release a negative emotion my body is holding on to and open to a positive one - freeing my body and my mind."  
- Darcy S.

"Rasamaya is a unique, satisfying way of connecting with your body and your mind, but also it gives you a new way of looking at the world." - Sami M.

"Rasamaya is my answer to stress relief and flexibility." - Angela B.

“Carrie is high energy, positive and professional to work with. She has a profound understanding of the human anatomy and helped me return to health and gain strength back. She is creative and generous, a joy to know.” - Tannye W.

“Carrie is a gifted teacher/movement therapist who's creativity with the human body has benefited many. She strives to enhance her clients movement patterns with a unique combination of pilates, yoga and meridian work." 
- Crissy T.

"Carrie is a wonderful spirit with more energy than most human beings. She's an excellent yoga teacher, anatomy teacher, and a beautiful human being.”  - Rachel A.