1. Wear as minimal clothing as possible - a bathing suit if you are comfortable with that, alternately a tank and shorts. No shoes or socks.
  2. Use a digital camera
  3. Aim the camera at about the level of navel and make sure there is adequate light
  4. Stand against a colored background
  5. Take the picture vertically (portrait mode) so that it captures as much of you as possible. 
  6. Be relaxed! Don't try to pose. Hands at your side. The best way to capture a picture is to march and then have your photographer to tell you (unannounced) to
    "stop and stand still" 
  7. Take four pictures - front, back, right side, left side.
  8. Email your photos as .jpgs and your completed questionnaires to info@rasamaya.com

Within 3 - 5 days Carrie will send you a personalized therapy program complete with online videos and handouts for your exercises.  Have questions? email info@rasamaya.com