SPACE: Connection & Clarity

Day 1: Making the Dream Happen | Space Asana Practice | Space Meditations | Space Mudras | Chakras 5, 6, 7
Day 2: The Rasa of Peace | Meditation Retreat


Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as "fluid." Rasamaya teachers are committed to living with passion and teach their students how to have a fluid life on and off their mat.  By day they are scientists, engineers, teachers, mothers, fathers, managers, psychologists, and therapists but that’s just their cover. They are actually innovators of change, warriors of love, and spiritual gangsters. They dream big and push boundaries and thrive by our motto, "Live Inspired."


Through the lens of the rasas (core emotions) and the chakra system you will learn how to subtly work philosophy, meditation, inspiration and pranayama into your classes to create an incredible well rounded journey for your future students. This training goes deep and there is ample space allotted to reflect on your life and your heart's true calling. Because our whole mission is about helping others create a beautiful pain free life, there is extensive training in dynamic anatomy and alignment so you can keep yourself and your students able-bodied for years to come.

By the time you graduate, you will be a movement educator, not just a fitness instructor.  You will be able  to teach Rasamaya style classes, as well as classes of your own design for all levels of skill from gentle to power.  Just by signing up you automatically join the army of Rasamaya spiritual badasses whose soul purpose is to blow the doors off the inspirational  and yoga community. We call it the Rasamaya Revolution. You will know your stuff inside and out,  you will grow and from your growth, change and inspire those around you.

This training will educate you about the balance between alignment and flow through creative sequencing, inspiration, and anatomical cueing. You will embody and learn to teach four solid, artistically choreographed flows that you can adapt and change to your liking.  

The only way to learn to teach is simply to dive in, so you can expect to start teaching on your first day.  You will be supported and held up by a community of loving peers and teachers.  Rasamaya encourages all our grads to continuously deepen their learning, so once you have taken any Rasamaya teacher training course you may always come back and take the coursework again for FREE (space allowing). We absolutely love to have graduates come share their experience with new teacher trainees.  Not only is it a great way to refresh your knowledge, but it keeps our community tight and nurturing. 

Join the Rasamaya Revolution. You won't be disappointed. Live Inspired.