BARRE EARTH: Bring your Rasamaya barre class to the next level. This course moves beyond the "standard" movements with particular focus on thigh & seatwork to get you deeply grounded and stable.

BARRE FLOW: Truly lengthen and strengthen in this class that brings forth the water element through the body. Your second chakra will come alive as we shake our souls through isometric movements followed by long, yogic stretches. The perfect combination.

BARRE BURN: This course will fire up your Barre practice. Barre Burn means HIIT Rasamaya style. A little core, a little cardio, a whole lotta fire.

BARRE FLY: Wanna fly? BarreFly combines the strengthening of barre with instability under your feet. Experience the element of air within your body as you slide, circle, and lift.