Private Sessions: 6 weekly sessions OR 3 Day Intensives
@FLOTE | Hampton, NH


 Let’s be clear. Pain IS a symptom, NOT a diagnosis.

The reality is that some pain, both emotional and structural, is inevitable in life, but chronic pain can completely exhaust your body’s resources. It is your birthright to live pain free, and it is possible.  

The Rasamaya Method Live Pain Free Program is a form of integrative pain management that merges together the latest neuroscience and mind-body research with the wisdom of exercise science. This program utilizes Carrie's expertise as a nurse in hospice, palliative care and orthopaedics, and her twenty-plus years experience as a  postural therapist,  personal trainer, anatomy and yoga, Pilates and barre teacher trainer.

The Rasamaya Live Pain Free Program focuses on empowering you to be an advocate for your own health and utilizes gentle corrective postural exercises, your "brain on pain" education, behavioral and stress management techniques, bodywork, and holistic nutrition.  If you commit to the program wholeheartedly, you will not only learn to sit with pain when it does arise, but you will also gain an artillery of tools to fight back with. These tools will allow you to move beyond the pain so you can get back to the active, beautiful life you love.

Want to know more? Learn about how your brain on pain works in our "Is This You?" article or contact us for a free telephone consultation.


All clients start with a free telephone consultation followed by an initial assessment. Following the assessment a treatment plan will be developed that will include a menu of easy therapeutic exercises and techniques specifically designed to address your pain and structural compensations. 

Each session will be focused on our goal of getting you as pain free as possible. You will be given videos, handouts, and education so that you can easily complete the therapy at home.  Many clients find substantial relief in just six weeks, and packages are sold in this manner.  


If you live too far away to come in for weekly sessions you may want to consider a 3 day intensive. The intensive format includes an initial assessment completed long distance and three in-person sessions consisting each of two hours, with one hour of homework each day.  Just like the weekly sessions, a treatment plan will be developed and taught to you. While it is not likely (although not impossible) that your pain will disappear by the end of the intensive, the tools you gain will set you far along the path to healing.  Subsequent follow-up sessions can be completed via skype or zoom.

An intensive can be an excellent time to rest or explore gorgeous New England. As a long time resident of coastal New England  (and a foodie) Carrie can offer suggestions for accommodations, food, and sightseeing.  In special circumstances Carrie is willing to travel to a client's home for an additional travel/lodging fee.  


Many clients choose to add on some of Carrie's additional offerings including Thai Yoga Therapy, Retreats or Workshops