So today in my discussion with my yoga trainees about how the brain learns and interprets information, a memory from childhood was jogged from the dusty brain shelves. We were talking about being a child and the rasa of wonder, and all of a sudden I remembered being a kid and putting a mirror at chest level and then intently looking down into it so I could pretend I was walking on the ceiling.

I decided to try it when I got home tonight.

At first it felt incredibly stupid, but after a short time and a little practice I began to actually feel as if I was walking on the ceiling. I could actually feel my brain kicking into overdrive as it tried to process what was "real."  I found myself needing to take big steps over door frames and beams as if they were right there under my feet. 
Yeah, it was crazy.... yes, I ran into a lot of things... but it was fun as hell.  

It made me wonder, "What happens when we change our perspective and literally turn our lives upside down?" Is the answer to changing your mood as simple as standing on your head or walking around with a mirror?" Maybe.

Give it a try (just be careful), it's seriously ridiculous and wonderful.