My theme this month is "steadfastness."

It's been coming up a lot in my life.  In these uncertain times, I have decided to commit to letting go, to stop "pursuing," and to simply give my heart and time to the people and the things that I love. As I said to one of my closest the other day, "To hell with getting ahead. All that matters right now is each other and whole-hearted living."

All of a sudden, nothing else matters except savoring the present moment. 

To understand the practice of steadfastness we must first embrace chaos. We must exhaust our hearts, and perhaps our bodies to allow ourselves to drop into a place of connectedness. Many of this find this when we sweat or when we cry. Both activities engage the element of water and both leave the container of our body empty so we can fill it up with something more important. . . love and deep, deep, compassion.

We dance till we drop. 



This morning in my class at Saltwater Yoga I read this to my students. It comes from The Radiance Sutras (Vinjnana Bhairava Tantra) as translated by Lorin Roche. The TED Talk at the bottom by John Boogz and Lil Buck is the perfect combination of dance, spoken word, and music that beautifully illustrates the idea of steadfastness. Worth the watch: 

Radiance Sutra 111.
Bhrantva Bhrantva Sarirena Tvaritam Bhuvi Patanat Ksohbha Sakti Viramena Para Sanjayate Dasa

Wander and wander to the point of exhaustion.
Whirl until you lose all control.
Dance until you are ready to drop.

Then drop!
Fall to the earth.

Surrender to the swirl of sensations
Surging through your form
Dissolve in awe as arising energies
Continue the dance in your inner world.

Beyond motion and commotion, 
Become the body of ecstasy.