Article by Anne Davis

If you’re anything like me, there is a little voice inside your head. 

A voice who is sometimes a bit of a worrier, a bit of a critic

New Moon. Time to transform.

She doesn’t mean to be a critic, but she’s nervous sometimes. She’s practical, hard-working, and trying to figure this whole life thing out. It’s that voice that pops up when you start to question what you are doing, or think about trying something new, or when you are considering taking off on an adventure.

She’s squawking at me these days because September is just around the corner.

September is a month of beginnings; the end of warmer days and slightly cooler nights is often paired with new school, new work, new projects.  It’s time to get your ass in gear. It also tends to be a time when my nerves are a little shorter and I feel like I’m on “the verge” of something.  

This September, you may feel a more intense feeling of new beginnings, because the New Moon lands on the first of the month. A new moon represents just that: a fresh start, a blank slate. It is another chance to get started on all of those things you’ve been wanting to do. It’s a time to listen to that quiet voice inside you - the one who loves her hair whipping in the wind, making art, and connecting with others.

The one who says: “Yes. This.”

The new moon offers a chance to re-write the story you find yourself living each day. A chance to listen to that quiet voice: the inner Warrior LOVE Goddess voice. She doesn’t need to be so quiet; she needs to be celebrated.

So, great, right? How is all of this going to happen? 

Pack your bags.

The Shakti Tribe heads to St. Croix for a long weekend honoring the New Moon and all the changes you need in your life right now. The weekend kicks off with a fire celebration, with the female Hindu goddess Kali front and center. Kali is known as being the destroyer of evil forces; through destruction, she fosters creation. New things, new beginnings. She represents change, creation, and power. The quintessential warrior LOVE Goddess.

Fire is a transformative element; powerful and gorgeous. Through fire, we can physically destroy what is no longer serving us. We can burn letters, photos, and other “things” that hold us back. Remember that the phoenix rose from the ashes, creating something new and beautiful. Kicking ass and taking names.

Join us. 

This September, do the things. Bring your Warrior LOVE Goddess out into the light. Dance with her around a fire of endings and new beginnings. 

Re-write your story.

Let’s do this.