Article by Anne Davis

Photo by Marco_Piunti/iStock / Getty Images

Turn on the news these days and you will hear something that will turn your stomach. Violence, hatred, despicable words and actions seem to fill the airwaves.

Disgust often initiates our parasympathetic nervous system: fight, flight, or freeze. 

Our upper lip curls into a snarl. A deadly stare accompanied by clenched teeth. Disgust is loathing, anger, deep and cruel.

We may want to turn away, pull the blankets up tighter. Or maybe we continue to gaze, unable to turn away. Or maybe harsh words erupt from our bowels.

The sensations that arise with the Vibhatsa (disgust) Rasa can feel powerful within the body; they are a bright light that shines in our eyes: Something. Needs. To. Change.

Disgust has the capacity to transform our reality - our world, ourselves-  if we let it.

Where Vibhatsa Rasa Resides:
Disgust is associated with the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) that resides in the lower abdomen, just below your navel.

Physically, the Svadhisthana chakra houses our reproductive organs as well as the bladder and digestive system; it is the pelvic bowl. Energetically, this is the source of your creativity and emotion. Your passions reside here; it is the home of our sense of self. If the sacral chakra is thepelvic bowl within the body, it’s energetic contents nourish our entire being.

The sensations of disgust are like our water has gone stagnant: old, flat, stale. The good news is you that you can create waves, work with churning in order to create something new.

Take It To The Mat:  Working With Vibhatsa Rasa In Your Practice

  • Hip circles, twists, and side stretches are movements that will circulate the waters of your pelvic bowl and reignite your sense of passion and creativity. 
  • Being creative within your physical practice will also tap into your sense of self - what is true for you - and help to release what has gone awry

Take it Off the Mat: 

  • Creativity is the name of the game. Anything you can do to access your true nature: dance, drumming, hula hooping, etc will right the waters.
  • Massage

Disgust lets you know that something is not right. Something is not in alignment with your true nature - with you, as you want to be. Notice what is beneath the unease. Listen to it. Make a change.