Join us as we celebrate the Fall Equinox with our  Fall Into Balance Retreat Sept 24 in Wolfeboro, NH

Fall Into Balance

Article by Anne Davis

Equi. Nox.
Equal Night.

Twice a year, the Earth’s equator passes the sun’s path. The cycle of the earth around the sun is witnessed through the seasons; the rising of daylight in March and the quieting of that same light in September.

On this day, every human on earth experiences a moment of equal parts day and night. These equinoxes mark the beginning of new seasons. The vernal equinox in March closes the long, cold winter and heralds the coming of spring and longer days.  The autumnal equinox in September summons falling leaves, ripening apples, and storing up for the months ahead.

The equinox then, is a turning point, when we are in balance. It is a time to look within and without and capture the symmetry of the universe in our bodies and minds.

Balance for you may mean grabbing some more sleep, trying some balancing asanas, meditating, and preparing for the season ahead. Fall into Balance.