Article by Carrie Tyler

HOLY SHIT. I turn 40 today.
People say it all the time, but there is truth in how quickly time flies.  It's absolutely remarkable to me that I have been raising hell on this planet for forty years. Lately, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching about this milestone, and it seems only apropos to share a few things I've learned on the journey. I can't wait to see what the next forty years brings. What a wonderful ride it's been.

40 things I know now that I didn't know then. . .

1. Red lipstick makes everything better.
2. Happiness takes practice.
3. Your efforts never go unnoticed.
4. Buy good bras.
5. There is no such thing as a bikini body.
6. "Hell yes" is ALMOST always the right answer.
7. There is absolutely nothing that love and time won't heal.
8. Trust your wild soul more than your practical brain.
9. Your parents and loved ones do not need to approve of your life, YOU DO.
10. Create art in the mundane of the daily. Every single damn day.
11. Disgust (vibhatsa rasa) is the best catalyst for change. 
12. Take up hobbies that are not your work. It will enrich your life.
13. Your body is your own. It does not belong to the government or anyone else.
14. You will ALWAYS still feel like you are sixteen inside, you just might choose to go to bed earlier.
15. Do one thing every day that splits your heart wide open.
16. Life is happening outside your inbox, check your email only one time a day.
17. Your true friends will tell you when you are being an ass.
18. A little dose of fear may save your life. Trust your instincts. In times of danger pray and fight hard.
19. Create one palette for your wardrobe. It makes getting dressed and shopping so much simpler.
20. Clear your desk and create your to-do list at the end of each day.
21. Let people get angry at you. It's also okay for you to get angry.
22. Give away your knowledge freely. That is what teaching is actually about.
23. Do not obsess over your competitors in business or life. It will ruin your gifts.
24. Cry at the funeral or wedding of the person you don't know. In fact, just let yourself cry. Any time. 
25. "Pretty" is a very ugly word. Stop your obsession with "pretty." RIGHT NOW. Your body is poetry.
26. Never compliment a woman for being thin. Compliment her for being strong, healthy, glowing. . .  
27. Smile at strangers.
28. Carve out time to be quiet every day.
29. It's more fun to live life as if you are the most interesting person at the party.
30. Travel alone. Often.
31. Sometimes the quiet ones turn out to be the most interesting.
32. Decorate the temple of your body. Fuck what anyone thinks of what you wear.
33. Yoga will expose your truths. Even the nasty truths.
34. Shut up and listen. Especially to elders and children. 
35. Invest in a slant board so you can keep wearing 5-inch heels until you are at least 100 years old.
36. Forgiveness is easier than staying mad.
37. If your heart isn't in it don't bother.
38. Don't shame the people you love the most for not living up to your expectations.
39. There are people in the world who do not have a choice. Be compassionate. 
40. Remember your level of privilege and let it guide your decisions to help others.

most importantly (bonus thought)...

LIVE WELLCarrie Tyler