Article by Rasamaya Founder, Carrie Tyler

Photo by Comstock Images/Stockbyte / Getty Images

I had a mammogram this morning (welcome to 40). As I sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other women in our bathrobes it struck me that we had all just filled out the same difficult questionnaire - pregnancies, losses, live births, relevant medical history related to being a woman (endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc), our menses, our birth control history.

The news was on. We were quiet. The sadness was palpable. As Trump statements flashed across the screen there was a collective sigh. 

One woman whispered, "What an election." I looked at her and smiled.

Moments later in the privacy of the mammography room, the radiology tech made me laugh as she pressed my tissue between two plates. Her lightness balanced by the heaviness in the waiting room reminded me that we only create change by recognizing our darkness first. Without the dark we cannot understand the light. I believe we become that light by creating small incremental changes in the world. It is as simple as making a heavy heart smile.

I got in my car and cried. Not just for women everywhere but for all the injustices, bigotry, racism and sexism this election has brought forward.

So today, perhaps with an even softer heart than normal, I go to my job as a nurse in community health in East Boston where I work with primarily immigrant populations. I will give another dozen vaccines and flu shots and call into the interpreter line over and over again. I will listen and validate concerns regardless of my patient's age, gender identification, orientation, religious beliefs, or citizenship status. It's one small way I try to be the light.

If nothing else, this election has strengthened my resolve to serve the people. Especially those who don't have a voice.

We carry on.

We use disgust as a catalyst for change. We fight bigotry and hatred with love, not anger. We recognize that the small incremental changes we create in the ordinariness of the daily add up to one big collective change.

We are stronger together.

We will rise.

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