You have been living with pain for so long that you don’t remember what it felt like not to hurt. You have started to avoid some of your favorite activities out of the fear that you will experience pain later.  You have been poked, scanned, pulled, cracked, and stuck with sharp things in your effort to understand this damn pain. 

Or maybe...

You are tired, cranky, and angry at your pain. Sometimes you lash out at the people in your life with frustration because they simply don’t understand or appreciate how badly you are hurting. Some days you think you are crazy, that this is in your head, and when you get truthful, that no one can possibly understand what you are going through. You may have even said these words, “You can’t possibly understand what this feels like,” to someone you love.

Or maybe...

You are secretly hoping that your fairy godmother will show up and make it better - do the laundry, pick up the kids, and answer the work phone calls, just so you can just sleep, rest and deal with this pain.  There never seems to be enough time or energy for your life.  You hardly remember what it was like before the pain, and sometimes you dissociate from your pain just to get through the day.  The real you is loving and happy, but the "you" right now is just really, really tired. 

Or maybe... you are some combo of all the above?  Yeah, I know because...


What if I told you it is your birthright to live a pain free, happy life?

For just a second imagine rolling out of bed standing up energized and excited about your day pain free.
The latest pain management research is showing is that it’s simpler to solve this issue then we originally thought, and it doesn’t have to be hard. 

Let's get you back to the life you love.


You may have heard that “pain is in your brain.” This is actually true, but the pain you are experiencing is 100% real. Pain occurs because your body is trying its best to protect you. If you didn't experience pain, you would keep stepping on that nail, or leave your hand on that hot stove.  

Pain is simply a signal from your brain that tells you something is amiss.

Sometimes if the pain goes on for long enough, then the neural pathways become a bit ingrained, like a rut worn into a dirt road. Your nervous system may become overly sensitized (what we call central sensitization) and you end up with chronic pain. It is not unusual to find that things that didn't hurt before, like a massage, suddenly evoke pain (allodynia). Additionally, things that should only cause you a slight amount of pain, such as bumping into a wall, instead elicit an excruciating response (hyperalgesia).

If this is you, you aren't going crazy, you are also not a hypochondriac, it's just your nervous system on overdrive.

Over time most chronic pain patients have a significant deterioration of proper postural alignment and begin to experience structural compensations that throw off the physics of the body. Just as an architect would create a structure to withstand the forces of gravity, your body has loading joints that maintain your alignment.  If these joints aren’t transferring force correctly then lines of strain and tension occur.  If this goes on for long enough your body will compensate by leaning, twisting, and compressing your structure which results in more pain. 

Chronic pain compromises more than just your musculoskeletal system. Your nervous, respiratory, cardiac and digestive systems can also be affected. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, sensitivity to light and sound, circulation issues, poor digestion, weight loss or gain and weakened immune response can manifest.  Mental health and energy also typically decline. In addition, depression, fear, and anger are common side effects of chronic pain.

The cycle of pain is difficult to get yourself out of without professional help.  The Western medical approach typically focuses solely on eliminating the symptom of pain and doesn't address the underlying cause. In contrast to that, the Rasamaya Method provides long-lasting relief by treating your body as a whole integrated system.

As a team, we will come at your pain with latest techniques from the world of pain research and the artillery of pain management tools that Carrie has collected over the last twenty years.  Your initial session includes expert movement analysis, education, and functional tests. From that very first session, you will go home with a better understanding of what is going on in your body, and some exercises and techniques to begin the pain reversal process.  Subsequent sessions combine will gentle corrective exercises with easy to do brain retraining and mindfulness therapy.  We will use writing and other cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, nutrition and bodywork to dig deep into what it means to begin to live again wholeheartedly. 

The story of your life is in your tissues, and we will work together to move you past the stories that don't serve you any longer.

I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY, but we will safely explore the relationship between what is going on with your left hip pain and that mean-spirited conversation that left you broken-hearted in the first grade.   You will never be asked to share more than you feel comfortable with, and we will work within your time constraints.

There is an abundance of research that has demonstrated that when you use focused brain retraining techniques to get in touch with your old emotional clutter and core emotions (rasas) your pain will simply begin to disappear. Postural work is a just a piece of the puzzle, and unfortunately, you can’t simply stretch your way out of pain. You MUST address your brain, your thoughts, and your life as a whole. Like a dog learning a new trick, we know for certain that your brain is incredibly trainable (neuroplastic) but sometimes a little stubborn. It took you a while to get into this mess, but you will be amazed at how within just a few weeks you will feel lighter, happier, and more pain free.  Most clients feel some level of relief within their first session.   Private sessions are available over 6 weeks or in a 3-day intensive format. You can also choose to join an upcoming Live Pain Free 8 week Group Session. 

In about 30 - 60 minutes a day, we can train your body, and more importantly, your brain out of pain.

It's an inevitable part of being human that at some point you will experience pain again, both physical and emotional.  Our mutual goal is both to alleviate your existing pain and to teach you techniques that will allow you to sit with pain more comfortably when it does occur.   The mindfulness techniques you will master through our sessions are backed by research and are life-long tools that are applicable to the stressors of daily life. By cultivating mindfulness you will become a calmer, more centered person in all aspects of your life.

The Rasamaya Live Pain Free program is unique in that it empowers you to fully understand the cause of your pain, and teaches you how to fix it to prevent further recurrences so you can return to your active life.  Since this is a wholehearted, whole-body approach, this work isn’t for everyone. This is why we both have 24 hours from our first private session to decide if this is a proper fit. If it isn’t  good for one of us, your payment for the sessions is refunded in full (payment for the group series is non-refundable, sorry)

You don’t have to live with pain any longer. You don’t have to worry about if you can make it through that hike up a mountain, be able to sit in the car for that long amazing cross country trip. Be done carrying around your anger at your body any longer. Get ready to love taking selfies in the mirror of your fabulous self and start tearing up the dance floor once more.

Please visit the FAQ page for answers to more of your burning, aching, and "seriously, will this really work?" questions.

(p.s. It will and it does)