It's important that you are a good candidate for the Live Pain Free Program. The phone consultation takes between 10 to 30mins and includes an intake of your pain and medical history and a discussion about your goals. This is also an excellent time to ask questions about the program.  


All clients are required to have an initial assessment to create a treatment plan. This session is dedicated to analyzing your posture and gait, orthopaedic tests and palpation, functional testing, goal setting, lifestyle habits,  mindfulness techniques and "your brain on pain" education. You will leave this meeting with a better understanding of structural compensations that could be contributing to your pain. You will also receive a handout on some gentle corrective exercises and mindfulness work to get you started on your path to Living Pain Free.

Please wear light-colored workout clothes to your appointment. Carrie will want to see your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles and photos will be taken to track your progress.  Ideally, photos are taken in either a sports bra, tank top or bathing suit for women, and for men either shirtless or in a tank top. That said, please dress to your comfort level. Remember to bring additional layers if you tend to get cool easily. 

Please complete the following forms for your first appointment:
Client Contract
Wellness Intake Form

This has to be the right fit for everyone involved, and Carrie only takes clients who are motivated to create positive change in their bodies. As such, both you and she have 24hrs from your first appointment to decide if you are a good fit for the Rasamaya Method Live Pain Free Program. 

After the assessment, a treatment plan will be developed and you will begin the  program. Many clients find relief after six sessions, so packages are sold in groupings of six, but individual sessions are also available. Many clients choose to add-on Thai Bodywork or other classes and workshops Carrie may be offering.