FINAL ACT: A Contemplative Death Planner

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You planned your wedding, the birth of your children, every birthday, anniversary, and major event.

Why wouldn't you plan your death?

It doesn't have to be grim.

In fact, preparing for your own death can be a tremendous opportunity to take a magnifying glass to your life to ask the question, "What is my legacy, and what am I doing to manifest it right now?"

The planner is packed with practical information such as  advanced directives, funeral options,  and end of life paperwork. It also includes writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and other meditative exercises to help you manifest the life you want RIGHT NOW. 

Using a death planner is the ultimate form of memento mori, which translates as "remember you must die." Death is the final destination for all of us.  When you remember death, it reminds you to savor life, and that makes every moment so much sweeter. 

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