Rasamaya Founder. Gypsy. Holistic Chronic Pain Expert. Nurse. Gypsy. Feminist. Body Positive Activist.
Carrie is the founder of the Rasamaya Method, an internationally recognized and trademarked system of movement that merges mind-body medicine and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern day life and holistic pain management. Her roots began in professional dance before she devoted her life to teaching yoga, Pilates, barre, and dynamic anatomy.  She has over twenty years of teaching experience, and is known for her playful teaching style, strong knowledge of anatomy and alignment, and her deep understanding of yogic philosophy and subtle energetics.  Carrie considers all forms of movement and complimentary healing therapies to be preventative medicine. She emphatically believes that self-care and regular practice can reconcile many imbalances and dis"eases" of the body.  She is a writer and business consultant for both the fitness and medical industry. Her work has been featured in numerous national magazines such as Pilates Style and Mantra magazines, and conferences including Wanderlust and Yoga Journal Conference.   

When she isn't presenting, seeing clients, or teaching she splits her time between her two passions of orthopaedics and community health working as a nurse at both the Orthopaedic Institute in Portland, Maine and the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center She holds advanced certifications from some of the most highly regarded fitness bodies such as Yoga Alliance, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Pilates Method Alliance.   She is also an initiate of the Aghor Yoga Lineage whose non-denominational principles emphasize the celebration of personal freedom, daily meditation practice and selfless service, which she considers the grounding ethics in her life. In her spare time, she walks the beach and watches the world fly past while riding pillion on her husband's motorcycle. Learn more about Carrie


Philosopher. Shakti Lover. Equine Therapist. Yoga, Meditation & Barre Teacher. 
Katie Behner is truly grateful for the uplifting path of YOGA.  She believes in following the Flow of LIFE. She feels many of us have a yearning for more, more living from the heart center, from your dreams and desires by focusing on SPIRIT and being in SERVICE to others.   Katie is a 200Hr Certified Rasamaya Yoga teacher. Katie completed her 200hr training on the magical Star Island with Carrie Tyler (owner and founder of Rasamaya) and is currently in the 500hr Shakti Flow and Deep Sadhana advanced teacher training. Katie has a deep meditation practice using the Earth elements and mantra. By the grace of Uma Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati.   Katie has a motivated upbeat personality along with a deep love and connection to nature and energy work. She has spent years working with the energy of horses through natural horsemanship methods. When Katie discovered yoga she found a clarity and peace quite similar to when she came into relationship horses. The moving meditative state that focused on the subtleties of stillness, movement and breath in horsemanship reflected perfectly into yoga, meditation, and ultimately into the flow of life on this earth.  
Yoga is a way of life for Katie and she enjoys watching people grow and shine their light as they practice. It has given her many tools that have taught her to hold herself in capability and manifest her dreams from her passions, one of which was to start her own business. Katie is the founder and owner of Ashva Prana, including Yoga, Barre, Equine Based Therapy (using the EAGALA model) and Yoga on horses, Barre and structural postural work for riders focusing on the biomechanics of riding.   She is a certified Equine Professional through the EAGALA organization and a graduate of the University of Findlay with a degree in Equestrian Studies.

 Katie is also the owner of Dhyana Horsemanship, a meditative approach to working with horses using the Elemental Mandala of emotions .   Katie enjoys showing the essence of the world to her two amazing kids Louisa and Chet. Katie is very excited to meet and witness deep interpersonal growth in anyone who dives deep into her classes.   Katie also smiles all the time, and adores GLITTER!  Learn more about Katie


Mover. Shaker. Writer.
In 2015, Anne Davis let go. She let go of being perfect. She let go of being right. She let go of a job that wasn’t bringing out her best self.

Since then, Anne became certified in Rasamaya Barre and purchased a small barre-yoga-life studio in Portland, Maine called Magnolia. She works to empower and motivate the people around her to be their highest selves; to push the limits, to work hard, to be who we are (and celebrate it!). Anne loves all things health, transformation, and shining light on the dark places where we grow.

Anne is a writer and believes in the power of words. The words we tell ourselves, and the words we use when we share our stories with the world. She works hard to be sure we are all sharing our truths in the most authentic way possible.

Anne Davis has made a career in health and wellness as an administrator, program developer, and trainer. Anne has been teaching yoga, barre, bootcamp, group fitness classes in Greater Portland over the last few years and is a certified Rasamaya Barre Teacher Trainer and RYT 200. 

Anne lives in Falmouth, Maine with her three adventurous kiddos, an artist-husband, and an independent German Shorthaired Pointer. And is so excited to join the Shakti Tribe and to share our awesomeness with the world. Learn more about Anne


Jessica has been involved in wellness for the past 15 years as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and registered dietitian. From a young age, she has always needed to move! Whether it was playing outside with neighborhood friends as a kid, participating in multiple sports throughout high school and college, or training others through college and beyond. For years, Jessica resisted yoga given it was not the high intensity ‘workout’ she was accustomed to. However, after taking her first Vinyasa class in Cambridge, MA in 2004 she was immediately hooked and realized it was exactly what her body and mind needed and she has practiced regularly ever since!

Jessica holds certification as a Level 1 yoga teacher through YogaFit, is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in human nutrition. She is RYT200 and Rasamaya Barre Teacher Trainer.

Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter. She looks to yoga and movement to help find calm and balance and she looks forward to helping others do the same by joining the amazing Magnolia community as co-owner.


Occupational Therapist. Fire dancer. Flow artist. Yoga Teacher.
Founder of the first fire dancing troupe on St. Croix, Kiki is troupe leader of Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies. With a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, Kiki integrates her extensive knowledge of health and science within her movement practices with a playful and holistic approach.  Kiki is a strong advocate of the art of flow, incorporating flow concepts into all of her classes.  Currently, Kiki instructs classes and workshops in Bellydance Fusion, poi dance, flow arts, and in the Rasamaya Yoga Method. She is also Reiki II certified and empowers people to live their dreams and dream BIG. Kiki believes in the power of connection with nature, community building and establishing the space to express your creative voice. Learn more about Kiki


Life Coach. Organizer. Admin Expert. Yoga Teacher.
Kristin O’Donnell is the admin expert and organizing guru of the tribe. She works on admin related tasks for the Rasamaya programs. Kristin recently graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training taught by Carrie Tyler at Barre & Soul. As a way to make up hours for the course, Kristin began taking private sessions with Carrie as part of The Live Pain Free Program. The Program changed the way Kristin looks at her body in terms of posture and alignment. The holistic approach helps clear the mind while working the body through exercises that are catered to each person. Kristin feels honored to be a part of the Tribe and to assist with the future of Rasamaya.

Kristin began to practice yoga and meditation as a way to alleviate stress from her previous job as an Office Manager. The difference they made in her everyday life was so profound that she knew they needed to be added to her routine. Her new practice opened her up to join an online class with Lissa Rankin and Martha Beck. Only a few months later, Kristin attended Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training. She is now using her yoga and life coach skills to help people in need with her company, Satya. Kristin is always looking for ways to expand her practice including working with children and trauma. Learn More about Kristin


Tuesday began studying the art of essential oils over a decade ago and is a Certified Aromatherapist/Nutritionist  with advanced training in Biofeedback and Essential Oil Blending.     Tuesday completed her Rasamaya Yoga Teacher Training in June 2016 under the guidance of Carrie Tyler.  With this comprehensive training, Tuesday has gained the knowledge of the importance ofpostural structural alignment and meditation.  Tuesday has a very relaxed demeanor and this comes through in her classes and consultations allowing her students and clients to feel very at ease.  Tuesday has her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University and her Master's of Science in Community/Human Development from Southern New Hampshire University, she is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and Certified through theAmerican Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. Learn more about Tuesday


Astrologer. Mystic. Classically Trained Ballet Dancer. Yoga Teacher.
Quinn Sonia-Sergi is a classically trained ballet dancer and instructor who began practicing yoga to alleviate lower back pain and to quiet mental chatter. What she gained, in addition to these benefits, was a deeper, more compassionate connection to her physical body. Inspired by this radical shift in consciousness and by her skilled and caring teachers, she sought to carry on the thread of compassion by becoming a movement and mindfulness educator herself.

Quinn is a graduate of Daniel Orlansky’s 200-hr Yoga of Energy Flow training program, a certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra meditation guide, and a Second Degree Reiki Therapist. After discovering the world of barre fitness in 2013 and meeting the kind and energetic souls in the Boston area barre community, Quinn was immediately drawn in and now holds certifications in 3 methods of barre instruction, including the Rasamaya method. Her teaching style blends the strength and precision of ballet with the meditative breath and flow of a traditional Vinyasa practice. Learn more about Quinn


Clinical Psychologist. Animal Lover. Gemini Gypsy. Yoga Teacher.
Maura Sullivan is a psychologist, yoga teacher, animal lover, and Gemini gypsy working to find balance within these diverging aspects of self and loving every moment-the good the bad and the ugly. She has practiced independently as a licensed psychologist in Wolfeboro, NH for over twelve years with a focus on adolescent development, mind-body psychotherapy, trauma resolution, and mood disorders. In addition to psychotherapy her practice incorporates neuropsychological and educational assessment in order to comprehensively understand the brain-behavior relationship. Her personal yoga journey started twenty-years-ago during her psychology graduate training with a focus on Hatha and Kundalini yoga under the guidance of Diane Wilson in Portland, OR. She continued to find yoga in her travels with an ultimate home at Rasamaya yoga under the guidance of Carrie Tyler and Brie Burbank. Two passions joined two years ago with Rasamaya 200 hr. teacher training and the beginning of BEING: Body-Emotion-Integration-Nurturing-Growth. BEING consists of body-focused psychotherapy and emotionally focused yoga therapy services as well as the integration of yoga tools into traditional psychotherapy such as mudra, breath work, and restorative asana. She is currently providing private BEING sessions and Yoga for Anxiety groups. Learn more about Maura