If you are a movement teacher, you undoubtedly know that your students love to come up to you after class, point to a mysterious region of their body, and say “this hurts.”

As you tilt your head and look at them curiously, the following thoughts might have flashed through your mind:

  1. Damn. They want me to respond. What the hell is “this?" Is there an organ in there? Wait, where is the liver? Maybe it’s the liver.
  2.  Uh-oh. They think I’m a superhero with x-ray vision with an encyclopedic brain of orthopaedic injuries. 
  3.  I am so out of my league here. Maybe I’ll just tell them to not do anything that hurts, drink ginger tea, put on some Enya, take a bath with essence of moonbeams and epsom salt. Yes, definitely.


A happy bunch of dynamic anatomists. Yes, they are wearing tape to mark the muscles and bones.

If it isn’t you, then you are probably that person who drops words like "uvula," "phalange," and "medulla oblongata" into daily conversation who just wants a fresh anatomical lens. Pull up a chair and let’s say words like "diaphragm" and "interdigitate" together.

Regardless of how you got to this page, you’re still reading this, which means you’re still interested.

Let me start by saying this IS NOT your normal, boring Anatomy & Physiology course.

This is a super engaging curriculum that uses all levels of learning (i.e kinesthetic, auditory, reading/writing, visual) to etch information permanently into your cranium. Lectures are balanced with postural therapy techniques, dynamic movement exercises, hands on work, and palpation. If space permits, group work with Anatomy in Clay® models is included. 

You will stand up and sit down so much that one student referred to this course as “anatomy church.”

As you travel up and down rabbit holes of inquiry, your burning questions about your own aches and pains will be answered. Discussions include the power and psychology of body language, and you will practice walking confidently until it feels like your head is so high up that you’re levitating. You will talk about things that make you blush (a-yo pelvic floor!) and laugh so hard you cry.

By studying anatomy you will start a journey that will inspire your own practice and expand your teaching language exponentially. Your students will marvel at your new knowledge.



Course hours and cost vary depending on location. Wear clothes you can move in.

  How is it even possible I have been teaching anatomy this long? This photo is back circa 2004ish. Time flies.

How is it even possible I have been teaching anatomy this long? This photo is back circa 2004ish. Time flies.

PART 1: Foundations & The Pelvis

  • Planes of the Body & Medical Terminology
  • The Skeletal System
  • The Muscular System
  • Movement Terminology
  • Foundational Postural Therapy Exercises
  • Golden Thread Theory & Other Full Body Perspectives
  • Anatomy in Clay® Learning System (space allowing)
  • Movement Concepts: Leg Strength & Flexibility
  • Movement Concepts: Neutral Pelvis
  • Movement Concepts: Gait & Foot Alignment
  • Movement Concepts: Lumbopelvic Stabilization
  • Rasamaya Method Class, Discussion & Practical Applications

PART 2: The Spine & Shoulders

  • Anatomy in Clay® Learning System (space allowing)
  • Location & Function of Abdominal Organs
  • Movement Concepts: Spinal Articulation
  • Movement Concepts: Abdominal Strength
  • Movement Concepts: Core Engagement
  • Movement Concepts: Scapular Stabilization
  • Movement Concepts: Arm Strength & Flexibility
  • Movement Concepts: Relationship of the Cranium to the Body
  • Movement Concepts: Body Organization through the Senses
  • Rasamaya Method Class, Discussion & Practical Applications

w/Carrie Tyler

Most AnatomyLab courses are offered via private small group trainings or as part of teacher training curriculums. Contact Carrie to book her for your upcoming conference or course. This course is approved for CEU credits with the Yoga Alliance.  

2018 - Please register on the WORKSHOP page.

June 9 - Part 1 & 2 | Lebanon, NH | Mighty Yoga
July 17 - Part 1 & 2 | Harvard Square | Barre & Soul
July 24 - Part 1 & 2 | Providence, RI | Barre & Soul
Aug 9 - Part 1 & 2 | Portsmouth, NH | Barre & Soul

SPECIAL BONUS of RASAMAYA TRAININGS: Once you have taken any teacher training course you may always come back and take it again for FREE (space allowing). We love to have graduates come share their experience with teacher trainees. It's also a great way to refresh your knowledge, and your presence helps to keep our community tight and nurturing.

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