Aug 12 to 14, 2016 | Lebanon, NH |
Register: Mighty Yoga  | Instructor: Carrie Tyler

Oct 29 & 30, 2016 | Portland, Me
Register: Magnolia Fitness | Instructor: Carrie Tyler

Feb 25 & 26, 2017 | Portland, Me
Register: Magnolia Fitness 
Instructors: Jessica Little, Anne Davis with Carrie Tyler (anatomy) 


Oct 14 to 16 | Lebanon, NH
Register: Mighty Yoga  | Instructor: Carrie Tyler

Nov 12 & 13  | Portland, Me |
Register: Magnolia Fitness | Instructor: Carrie Tyler

Mar 25 & 26, 2017 | Portland, Me
Register: Magnolia Fitness 
Instructors: Jessica Little, Anne Davis with Carrie Tyler (anatomy) 

Rasamaya Barre classes are known for being empowering, effective and fun. They feature fluid athletic workouts specifically designed to strengthen and lengthen, without the bulk. The classes are fueled by upbeat music and efficiently flow through each muscle group, creating endurance and stamina through strength training and increased flexibility through stretching. The movements are influenced by many modalities including Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic and classical ballet barre exercises.

Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as “fluid.” We believe in creating a fluid life on and off the mat. Our barre teacher training will offer you all the tools you need to be a polished instructor fully prepared to teach the fluid pace of Rasamaya Barre classes.  Rasamaya focuses on anatomical alignment which is at the heart of each of our intelligent movement classes.  The training offers a large array of repertoire and offers you a thorough understanding of dynamic opposition, teaching methodologies, body language assessment, hands-on adjustments and Rasamaya theory. 

Rasamaya as a methodology creates movement exercises from an anatomically and structurally sound perspective. We often collaborate with chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians to evaluate the safety of what we offer in our classes and studio. Rasamaya Founder, Carrie Tyler, has over 20 years of movement teaching and professional presenter experience and is considered a leader and innovator in the field of movement and dynamic anatomy. Additionally, Rasamaya is driven by quality not quantity, and strives to create teachers who view themselves as movement educators, not just fitness instructors. Teachers who tend to gravitate towards our programs naturally represent our brand with the integrity and respect it is already known for. In this same vein of quality over quantity we limit training sizes.

SPECIAL BONUS of RASAMAYA TRAININGS: Once you have taken any teacher training course you may always come back and take the coursework again for FREE (space allowing). We love to have graduates come share their experience with teacher trainees. It's also a great way to refresh your knowledge, and your presence helps to keep

Yeah, we have the most fun.


• The Lens of Life: Rasamaya Theory
• History of Barre
• Anatomy of Music
• Teaching Techniques and Methodologies for Basic Repetoire
• Principles & Alignments for Basic Repetoire
• The Art of Hands-on Adjustments
• Sequencing & Designing Well Rounded Classes
• Drills & Practice Teaching
• Professional Practice, Ethics & Holistic Lifestyle

• The Lens of Life: Rasamaya Theory & Physical Theatre
• Modifications for Injury & Special Populations
• Anatomy and Kinesiology
• Business and Marketing
• Teaching Techniques and Methodologies for Intermediate Repetoire
• Principles & Alignments for Intermediate Repetoire
• Verbal Cueing
• Drills & Practice Teaching
• Marketing, Branding and Business Techniques



What are the pre-requisites before taking the Rasamaya Barre Teacher Training program?
Ideally you would have one year of barre method, group exercise, yoga, Pilates or dance experience, but we absolutely love training new teachers who are fitness enthusiasts with the motivation to succeed. You should absolutely become CPR certified and get liability insurance before you begin teaching as well.

Do you accept everyone who applies to the training?
We limit our class sizes as we believe in giving the highest caliber of training possible. We read and consider carefully every application that comes in. In our methodology, enthusiasm to learn is given preference over experience - though experience never hurts.

What are the days like?
They are long. You are going to be well worn and tired. Your brain might explode from all the information – we mean that in a good way. It’s normal to feel pleasantly overwhelmed. Bring snacks and lunch as we typically only break for a half hour. We end on time no matter what.

Once I’m certified where can I teach?
Once you have been through the certification course you can teach anywhere in the US and abroad.

I simply want to deepen my practice and not necessarily teach, can I take the program?
Absolutely, space allowing. You just won’t take our exam at the end or receive a certificate (unless you change your mind). You still need to fill out an application to express your desire.

Must I take both weekends to certify?
Yes - You have one year to complete your Level 2 training after you have completed Level 1. You are expected to begin your required 10hrs of practice teaching immediately following your Level 1 Training. The only way to learn to teach is to get out there and start teaching.   You must also complete 10hrs of community service before receiving your certificate. We believe in a philosophy of PAYING IT FORWARD in the world and want all of our graduates to exemplify that. 

What qualifies as community service?
Anything that you aren’t paid for that is a service to the world. This could be teaching a free class to a friend, working in a soup kitchen. You name it. 10hrs are required for graduation. PAY IT FORWARD. 

Is the anatomy module required?
It not required but it is STRONGLY recommended for those who have little anatomy background. We have received plenty of testimonials from individuals with strong anatomy backgrounds that they have benefited from this short course about structural alignment and body integrity.

If I become certified in Rasamaya Barre can I teach other forms of barre?
Yes, but you cannot call your classes Rasamaya Barre if you plan to blend styles.  You are welcome to take more barre trainings to expand your knowledge but are not allowed to create hybrid styles as this dilutes our method, which is anatomically sound and known to work.  If you choose to create hybrid classes you may say that you are, “certified in Barre by Rasamaya,“ in your bio, but it in no way should your class title, description, or advertising reflect Rasamaya branding. Our methodology is trademarked, please be respectful, violation of this can result in revoking of your certificate.

Are there payment plans?
Depends on the location. Ask us if you need a payment plan.

Are there refunds on trainings once I have started the training?
Sorry, there are no refunds on training once it has begun.

What if I have to cancel in advance of training?
There is a $100 non-refundable deposit.  If you cancel less than one month before the start of the training, no refunds will be given.

Do I need CEC’s to stay Rasamaya certified?
At this time no.

What materials are needed?
You will be sent manual materials in advance to the training. Please print these out (or bring them on your ipad/computer before arriving). Please note: There is no wi-fi at the training facility. Please bring a pen, water, snacks, socks with grips.