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The Rasamaya Method.


The entire experience of living and dying exists within nine core emotions called rasas. These nine states represent the universal truths of the human experience that we all share.

The Rasamaya Method uses these nine rasas to create inspiration in end of life care, yoga and meditation classes, pain therapies, ritual creation, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. The methodology intelligently merges integrative medicine, neuroscience, and pain science with the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern life.

The Rasamaya Method was created in 2005 at Carrie’s first yoga studio and continues to serve as the heart of all of her work in teaching, mentoring, end of life care, and working with private clients.

The nine rasas are wonder (adbhuta rasa), fear (bhayanaka rasa), joy (hasya rasa), disgust (vibhatsa rasa), anger (raudra rasa), courage (veera rasa), compassion (karuna rasa), love (sringara rasa) and peace (shanta rasa).

These nine are everything.  To know them intimately is to deeply know yourself and your life.

Rasamaya Activism.

Carrie is deeply dedicated to living a life of service. She lives by a  “pay it forward” mentality:  Be good. Do good.  Most of her workshops, therapies, retreats and trainings offer scholarship opportunities or sliding scales for individuals who need financial assistance (inquire here). Carrie is involved with many charitable endeavors on the local and international level. It is her fundamental belief that small acts of kindness create ripples of big impact.  


Rasamaya Holistic Death Doulas

Are you ready to do something with your one precious life that is so powerful that it is actually beyond words? Email for more info about this special training (hopeful launch 2020).

Rasamaya Method Movement Educators. 

Carrie opened her first of three yoga studios in 2000 at the age of 23. From 2000 - 2016 hundreds of movement educators were trained by Carrie in the Rasamaya Method of yoga, barre, and Pilates at her studios. In 2016 Carrie made the decision to close her studios to focus on her work with individuals in chronic pain and to pursue her undeniable calling to work with the dying. Carrie continues to offer continuing education workshops for movement teachers and the public throughout New England and abroad. She is deeply honored to have taught so many gifted, amazing individuals over the years.

Rasamaya graduates are known for teaching classes with inspiring, creative sequencing and excellent anatomical cueing. During their training, they went into a life-changing immersion that created space for them to reflect deeply on their life. They received extensive anatomy and alignment training and fought hard to find their own authentic teaching voice.  They are committed to paying it forward in the world, and all completed 10 hrs of community service to receive their certification.

They are movement educators, not fitness instructors.

Ask around, you are only probably two degrees of separation from a Rasamaya teacher.  You’ll recognize them by their excellent posture and their superhuman glow.

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