Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as “fluid.” At its simplest; Rasamaya is a lifestyle that empowers you to seek out the beauty in your life every single day.  It's about finding a fluid life both on and off the mat. 

Rasamaya intelligently merges integrative medicine, neuroscience, and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern life.  As a methodology, Rasamaya utilizes the ancient theory of the nine major rasas (or core emotions) as a base to create inspiration in our Live Pain Free Program, yoga & meditation classes, end of life care, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings.

These nine core emotions are wonder (adbhuta rasa), fear (bhayanaka rasa), joy (hasya rasa), disgust (vibhatsa rasa), anger (raudra rasa), courage (veera rasa), compassion (karuna rasa), love (sringara rasa) and peace (shanta rasa).

These nine are everything.  To intimately know them is to deeply know yourself and your life.


Let’s be clear. Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. 

The reality is that some pain, both emotional and structural, is inevitable in life, but chronic pain can completely exhaust your body’s resources. It is your birthright to live pain free, and it is possible.

The Live Pain Free Program is a form of holistic pain management that merges together the latest neuroscience and mind-body research with the wisdom of postural therapy.  While the in-person sessions are primarily focused on gentle, corrective movement exercises, the real work is what you do off your mat.  You will get rasa-based mindfulness homework that is totally up to you to complete.

If you commit to the program wholeheartedly, you will not only learn to sit with pain when it does arise, but you will also gain an artillery of tools to fight back with. These tools will allow you to move beyond the pain, and rid yourself of it so you can get back to the active, beautiful life you love.


Over the last twenty years, hundreds of movement educators have been trained in the Rasamaya Method of yoga, barre, anatomy, and Pilates.  Rasamaya graduates represent a global community of badass individuals who are committed to teaching their students how to have a fluid life on and off their mat and live with passion. By day they are scientists, engineers, teachers, mothers, fathers, managers, psychologists, and therapists but that’s just their cover. They are actually innovators of change, warriors of love, and spiritual gangsters. They dream big and push boundaries.  

Rasamaya graduates are known for teaching classes with inspiring creative sequencing and excellent anatomical cueing. During their training, they went into a life-changing immersion that created space for them to reflect deeply on their life. They received extensive anatomy and alignment training and fought hard to find their own authentic teaching voice.  

They are movement educators, not fitness instructors.

Ask around, you are only probably two degrees of separation from a Rasamaya teacher.  You’ll recognize them by their excellent posture and their superhuman glow.


Carrie and her graduates live by a  “pay it forward” mentality:  Be good. Do good.  Most workshops, retreats and teacher trainings offer scholarship opportunities for people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or income level.  We are involved in many charitable endeavors, various local and national organizations, and always collaborate with a local non-profit at every retreat we offer. Additionally, we make all our graduates do 10hrs of community service in order to get their certificates.  

It is a fundamental belief of the Rasamaya Method that small acts of kindness create ripples of big impact.  



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