"The Rasamaya Method is 'Intelligent Movement.' Rasamaya works to balance your body between flexibility, core strength, muscle tone and stability. When these are balanced the benefit to you is obvious - tranquil mind, strong body, and the resiliency to cope with whatever life throws at you." - Carrie Tyler

The Method

Rasamaya® translates from Sanskrit as “fluid.” There are hundreds of Rasamaya teachers throughout North America, who all believe in creating a fluid life on and off the mat. At it's simplest, Rasamaya is a lifestyle that addresses the needs of the individual on all levels of being. The heart of Rasamaya is intelligent movement classes in barre, yoga, HIIT,  and anatomy. We believe strongly in educating our students and faculty in self care, structural integrity and holistic lifestyle. 

Our method has both a philosophical and exercise science base. Rasamaya philosophy draws from the theory of the nine major rasas (or emotions) that govern our life. These nine rasas are wonder, fear, joy, disgust, anger, courage, compassion, love,  and peace. The rasas infuse our group classes through a variety of means including readings, inspired playlists, or instructor focus. Scientifically, our methodology draws from the widely accepted four-fold model of fitness training:stabilization, strength, flexibility, and power. 

If you attend a Rasamaya class regularly  you can expect to see such benefits such as weight loss, decreased blood pressure, increased bone density, flexibility and strength, structural balance, mental focus, a stronger immune system, and an overall sense of mental peace and well - being.  

Our Graduates Are Highly Trained

Rasamaya founder, Carrie Tyler has over twenty years of structural therapy experience, is an orthopaedic nurse, and has trained hundreds of movement teachers all over the world.    She considers the teachers she has trained to be movement educators, not just fitness instructors. 

We Are Innovative

Not only is the Rasamaya methodology trademarked and recognized by major fitness organizations, but we do our best to stay one step ahead of fitness trends. Most recently we created HIIT Barre, Yoga, & Cycle classes related to requests for more safe, efficient, cardiovascular training. 

We Never Stop Learning

The field of exercise science and orthopaedics is fast changing, and Rasamaya stays on top of the latest cutting edge science. Our founder and teachers do tons of continuing education and try to attend our yearly Rasamaya conference where we share new protocols, knowledge and education. Rasamaya instructors are simply amazing people both on and off the mat and exemplify our motto, "Intelligent Movement."

We Love Beginners

Introducing new individuals to the amazing fun world of movement gets us going in the morning.  Expect to be challenged, but know that we are excellent at offering modifications to make all of our classes accessible. 

We Challenge Athletes

We are athletes so we get it. For many of us fitness is our biggest passion and for several of us, our career. We know what you need, and can get you to go deeper then you thought you could. We also understand musculoskeletal injuries and structural challenges and can help you modify so you can get the most from your workout possible.

We Don't Discriminate

All shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and economic statuses are welcome here. Always.

Charity is a Major Focus

The Rasamaya community is involved in many local charities, and are constantly seeking ways to give back  to the world at large. We donate thousands of dollars each year in classes, take part in outreach trips, and host charitable events. Part of our mission is: Be Good. Do Good.

We Are Having The Most Fun

If our picture didn't already give it away, we are having a blast. The community is welcoming, Rasamaya teachers are amazing, and as light-hearted as they are serious about giving you an efficient, inspiring workout.