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  • Shilo Farm Eliot, Maine


Shilo Farm | Eliot, Maine |  Dec 30 2016 - Jan 1, 2017

Let's just go ahead and say it.

2016 has been a big earth-shattering, world-changing, mind-blowing year for many of us. New Year's offers the perfect opportunity for you to tune in and reflect on the past year, the present moment, and what you would like to manifest in the future. There may be no better way to accomplish this than through the practice of meditation. At this retreat you will learn to quiet the monkey-mind, become comfortable with discomfort,  listen to your heart's true longing, and perhaps most importantly, rest well.

We are so excited to offer our first Meditation Retreat in collaboration with our friends at Shilo Farm. This retreat offers two tracks that allow participants to choose to move between silence and guided imagery meditations OR remain in silence for the entire weekend. We will host a discussion group on Saturday afternoon for individuals to share their experiences or ask any questions that may have come up.  All meals will be practiced in silence and practitioners will be given small notebooks for those moments where miming what you need just won't do.



(you may choose to move between either track as you see fit)

SILENT TRACK Move through the entire weekend in silence. We will have a dedicated silent meditation room for the entire time we are at Shilo Farm. All meals will also be practiced in silence. 

GUIDED IMAGERY + SILENT TRACK  - Utilizing the four cardinal elements as a base to work from you will experience Rasamaya guided meditations to help bring you deep into your practice. The guided meditations will run 30mins to an hour allowing plenty of time for you to  practice silent meditation if you choose to, or partake in other activities.


 Rasamaya FounderCarrie Tyler. Read more about her below.  


Shilo Farm is an absolutely gorgeous eco B&B in Eliot, Maine run by two heart-centered dedicated yogis Jonas Zev Amberger and Amylyn Fairchild-Amberger. Your time here is your own, so feel free to wander the grounds or go for a walk at any point. 


FRIDAY DEC 30, 2016
330pm - 500pm Arrival & Check In
515pm Opening Circle
600pm Dinner
700pm The Art of Meditation Lecture
800pm Mala Making Workshop + Movie Night

SAT DEC 31,  2016
630am Morning Guided Meditation  - EARTH
8am Breakfast in Silence
930am Silent Elemental Yoga Stretch
1200pm Lunch in Silence
130pm Guided Meditation - WATER
400pm Discussion Group
600pm Dinner in Silence  
1115pm New Year's Fire Ceremony

630am Guided Meditation - FIRE
8am Breakfast in Silence
930am Guided Mediation - AIR
930am Silent Elemental Yoga Stretch (not guided)
1130am A Sea of OMs - The end of silence and the start of new beginnings.
1200pm Lunch (no silence) 
130pm Depart and Check Out


$100 Non-refundable deposit. Please see our FAQ page for information on our Cancellation Policy and scholarship information. Room and food costs will be paid directly to Shilo Farm and must be reserved in advance. 


FARM HOUSE SUITE - Can house 2 people
Private Room/Private Bath $264pp + ($45 additional guest)
Food $60pp
Retreat Cost $108pp
TOTAL: $432 + ($213 for additional guest)

SKYLIGHT SUITE - Can house 2 people
Private Room/Shared Bath $240pp + ($30 additional guest)
Food $60pp
Retreat Cost $108pp
TOTAL: $408pp + ($198 for additional guest) 

Private Room/shared bath $225
Food $60
Retreat Cost $108
TOTAL: $393

THE BARN RETREAT (several spots available)
Shared Room $180
Food $60
Retreat Cost $108
TOTAL: $348

COMMUTER RATE (no lodging)
Food $60
Retreat Cost $108
TOTAL: $168 


Light, organic vegetarian cuisine will be provided by our gracious hosts. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate.


Most people in Haiti survive on less than $2 a day.
All Rasamaya retreats have a charitable initiative. For this retreat we will be accepting monetary donations to help fund Carrie's January medical mission to Haiti with Partners In Development (PID). Our goal is to raise $5000 which will fund both the trip and the cost of  PID needs in Haiti.  These are the efforts you will be supporting:

  • $3500 builds a home for a family with running water and electricity.
  • $360/year) provides a child with nutritional supplements (as needed), school tuition and supplies (as needed), food, shoes, and free medical care for the entire family. 
  • $600 -  $1500 provides cleft palate treatment including surgeries and speech therapy
  • Other PID projects: Emergency care for children, prenatal care, midwife training, diabetic and hypertension management, nutritional supplementation, education, and small business training.

We will also be compiling a list of household supplies needed in Haiti and will send this out in advance of the retreat.  
NOTE: We should have a link for online donations ready in the next week. In the meantime, you can donate directly to Partners in Development and please note it is for the fundraising efforts of Rasamaya/Carrie Tyler.


You are welcome to bring a journal, book, art supplies or anything else that would help you to sink into your most peaceful state. We would  encourage you to refrain from electronic media so you can truly dive deep into the meditation experience.  Other things you may want to bring are comfortable shoes for walking, snowshoes (if it's snowing), your yoga mat, and props as well as any meditation tools you might want.  

Exclusive for Retreat Participants
10% Off Chattra Zafus, Zabutons,
Bolsters and Bags!

Meditate comfortably!! We highly recommend meditation cushions and props for this retreat.  Rasamaya is proud to be a brand ambassador for Chattra, an artisan line of meditation and yoga products. As an exclusive deal for Rasamaya retreat participants, you can pre-order Chattra bolsters, zafus, zabutons and bags at 10% off. Orders must be placed through Rasamaya by November 30th and will be delivered to you at the retreat.  Please contact us at info@rasamaya.com to place your order. Please include item name and color. Shipping is not included and will be added to your order.


Instructor: Carrie Tyler

Discover the poetry of your body in this silent meditative yoga stretch class. We will talk about the classic Rasamaya Sun Salutes on Friday night. On Saturday morning Carrie will lead anyone who would like through a few silent sun salutes. You are welcome to use this hour to do your own practice as well or move in any way that feels good for their body.


Rasamaya Founder. Nurse. Gypsy Yogini. Feminist. Body Positive Activist.
Carrie is the founder of the Rasamaya Method, an internationally recognized and trademarked system of movement that merges mind-body medicine and exercise science with the wisdom of yoga philosophy as it applies to modern day life and holistic pain management. She brings her twenty plus years experience as a yoga teacher, structural therapist and wellness expert to Rasamaya's first New Year's Meditation Retreat at Shilo Farm. Her roots began in professional dance before she devoted her life to teaching yoga, Pilates, barre, and dynamic anatomy.  She is known for her playful teaching style, strong knowledge of anatomy and alignment, and her deep understanding of yogic philosophy and subtle energetics.  Carrie considers all forms of movement and complimentary healing therapies to be preventative medicine. She emphatically believes that self-care and regular practice can reconcile many imbalances and dis"eases" of the body.  She is a writer and business consultant for both the fitness and medical industry. Her work has been featured in numerous national magazines such as Pilates Style and Mantra magazines, and conferences including Wanderlust Festival and Yoga Journal Conference.   

When she isn't presenting, seeing clients, or teaching she splits her time between her two passions of orthopaedics and community health working as a nurse at both the Orthopaedic Institute in Portland, Maine and the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. She holds advanced certifications from some of the most highly regarded fitness bodies such as Yoga Alliance, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Pilates Method Alliance.   She is also an initiate of the Aghor Yoga Lineage whose non-denominational principles emphasize the celebration of personal freedom, daily meditation practice and selfless service, which she considers the grounding ethics in her life. In her spare time, she walks the beach and watches the world fly past while riding pillion on her husband's motorcycle. Read more about Carrie.

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