8 weeks (1x a week) OR 4 Day Intensives
Newburyport, Ma | Harvard Square, Ma | Portsmouth, NH (coming soon)


 Let’s be clear. Pain IS a symptom, NOT a diagnosis.

The reality is that some pain, both emotional and structural, is inevitable in life, but chronic pain can completely exhaust your body’s resources. It is your birthright to live pain free, and it is possible.

The Rasamaya Method Live Pain Free program is a form of holistic pain management that merges together the latest neuroscience and mind-body research with the wisdom of postural therapy and  Carrie's expertise as a nurse in orthopaedics and primary care, and over twenty years experience as a postural therapist, personal trainer, anatomy teacher and yoga, Pilates and barre teacher trainer. There are 2 phases through which clients progress. Some clients may also choose to add on STRETCHING THERAPY sessions.

If you commit to the program wholeheartedly, you will not only learn to sit with pain when it does arise, but you will also gain an artillery of tools to fight back with. These tools will allow you to move beyond the pain, and rid yourself of it so you can get back to the active, beautiful life you love.

There are two convenient formats for clients to progress through the initial phase of the program:
Option A: Weekly session over 8-weeks for approximately an hour per session
Option B: 4-day intensives may be more appropriate for individuals from out of town.  Each day will consist of a 2hr  session with the expectation that you will set aside some time for personal reflection and light homework (an hour per day is fine).  A long time Seacoast area resident, Carrie is happy to make recommendations for local accommodations, fantastic food, and things to do to help you get the most out of your stay.


All clients are required to have an initial consultation. This session is dedicated to analyzing your postural and gait, functional testing, goal setting, lifestyle habits,  mindfulness techniques and "your brain on pain" education. You will leave this meeting with a better understanding of your structural compensations that could be contributing to your pain. You will also receive a handout on some easy corrective exercises and mindfulness work to get you started on your path to Living Pain Free.

This has to be the right fit for everyone involved, and Carrie only takes clients who are motivated to create positive change in their bodies. As such, both you and she have 24hrs from your first appointment to decide if you are a good candidate for the Live Pain Free Program. Read more about what to expect from your initial consultation here.


By your second session Carrie will have created a more thorough menu of easy therapeutic exercises and techniques specifically designed to address your pain and structural compensations.  These will be taught to you in your second session and you will be given more videos, handouts, and education so that you can complete the menu at home.  Subsequent sessions will be a fine tuning process until we reach our goal of getting you pain free.


Most clients decide to progress to Phase 2 which incorporates small group or private sessions that are focused on safely integrating dynamic movement. Sessions use various resistance training, spring-loaded Pilates apparatus, such as the Reformer, Chair, and Barrel. This intelligent system strengthens and lengthens the entire body in every position and range of motion imaginable. Additionally, the Apparatus offers many different attachments, which allow us to completely customize your workout and create safe modifications to help you find your best, most vibrant body.  Benefits include increased endurance, strength and visible results.  After a couple sessions and you will be hooked for life. Even just one session a week can make a huge difference in how you move through the world. 


In addition to being a nurse, Carrie is also a personal trainer and certified in Thai Bodywork (a form of passive -assisted stretching). She draws from her 20 years experience as a movement educator and trainer to create personalized stretching sessions for her clients. These can be an excellent addition to your Live Pain Free  FOUNDATION or ALIGN sessions.