Most of Carrie's classes waitlist, so please be sure to register in advance.


Vinyasa Yoga

Mondays  615- 715p
Barre & Soul | Harvard Square, Ma

Sundays 11a - 1200p (as available)
Barre & Soul | Harvard Square, Ma

Discover the poetry of your body.  Carrie's constant curiosity about the possibility of the human body is poured into her creative, inspiring, anatomically focused classes.  Class opens with rasa intention setting, breathing technique and somatic movement before moving into creatively adapted sun salutes that will strengthen your body and increase your flexibility.  You can expect to try yoga postures you didn't know existed as you uncover your hidden potential through the balance of dynamic flow and stillness. Classes build each month with key concepts laying the foundation for the following month's flow.  You are welcome to jump in at any point and classes range from beginner - advanced level.  Live inspired.

Barre is an excellent way to train your posture. This athletic workout is specifically designed to strengthen and lengthen your body. The class is fueled by upbeat music and efficiently flows through each muscle group, creating endurance and stamina through strength training and increased flexibility through stretching. The movements are influenced by classical ballet barre methods, Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic exercises. The class is taught in a group setting but offers personalized attention through verbal and hands-on corrections. 



*Due to her busy schedule, Carrie does not currently have a regular barre class, but often subs as needed at Barre & Soul locations.