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Cost: $198 | Sat & Sun 7a - 3p
Required Reading: Yoga of the nine emotions by Peter Marchand
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Instructor: Anne Davis & Jessica Little


This course will give you the tools you need you take your students even deeper into thighwork and seatwork.  Utilizing the earth element, this course is focused on opposition and grounding.  New repertoire and techniques will be introduced that deepen steadiness and control and engage the pelvic floor, leg, and gluteal muscles. The rasas (core emotions) of fear and wonder guide our philosophy discussions in this powerful day long course. The course also includes a quick review of Level 1 & 2 exercises.


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Earth Element & the First Chakra (muladhara)
  • Rasamaya Theory: Fear (bhayanka rasa) & Wonder (adbhuta rasa)
  • Anatomy of the Legs, Feet and Pelvic Floor
  • Benefits of opposition and grounding
  • Review of Barre Level 1 & 2 exercises and alignment
  • How to create a class around grounding
  • Drills & Practice Teaching


Truly lengthen and strengthen as you merge together the best of yoga and barre. Learn how to work in vinyasa yoga flows into your standard barre format to create a new experience for your students.  The rasas of joy (hasya) and disgust (vibhatsa) guide our philosophy discussions.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Water Element & the Second Chakra (svadhistana)
  • Rasamaya Theory: Joy (hasya rasa) and Disgust (vibhatsa rasa)
  • Anatomy of the Hip Joint and Sacroiliac Joint
  • The benefits of Yoga Vinyasa Flow
  • Related Yoga Pose Alignments
  • How to Create Badass Sequencing
  • Drills & Practice Teaching