Cost: $198 | Sat & Sun 7a - 3p
Required Reading: Yoga of the nine emotions by Peter Marchand
Register: Magnolia Fitness
Instructor: Anne Davis & Jessica Little


This course is focused on the third chakra, where your internal fire and power reside. This course will teach you to incorporate high-intensity interval work into your classes through cardio and new core repertoire. The rasas (core emotions) of anger and courage guide our philosophy discussions  and get worked out in our bodies and on our mats.


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Fire Element & the Third Chakra (manipura)
  • Rasamaya Theory: Anger (raudra rasa) & Wonder (veera rasa)
  • Anatomy of the Core & Spine
  • Benefits of Core work 
  • HIIT Repertoire, Alignment & Benefits
  • Drills & Practice Teaching


Learn to infuse the air element into your teaching. Focused on the power of harnessing instability into your practice, this course use "gliders" and other props to create incredible small muscle engagement. Techniques will be covered that help support shoulder stability and stretching.  The rasas (core emotions) of love and compassion guide our philosophy discussions and help get in touch with our heart center as we fly around the studio.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Air Element & the Fourth Chakra (anahata)
  • Rasamaya Theory: Love (sringara rasa) & Compassion (karuna rasa)
  • Anatomy of the Shoulders
  • Benefits of Shoulder & Heart Opening Postures
  • Glider & Instability Props Repertoire, Alignment & Benefits
  • Drills & Practice Teaching